Accomplish more for yourself and your business during lockdown By Maureen .N.W- CEO of CrystalMind

You have had a thought lingering in your mind for years now. In fact you have been thinking of taking annual leave or time off work to go away and think!! “Think?” Surely I thought you move around with your brain wherever you go? So friend, God being all knowing as stated in the Bible in 1 John 3:20, he availed an opportunity for you to think and make proper decisions thereafter.

When the world broke news about COVID 19 in December 2019, it was a farfetched health issue to you, and surely something that you watched from the other end of your TV on BBC, CNN and our local broadcasters kept reporting about. Your life was not affected in anyway yet and you carried on with your business as usual. You questioned why they kept emphasizing the obvious and simple things that you were taught as a child “Wash your hands regularly, avoid crowded places, do not touch your eyes and nose with dirty hands” among others instead of focusing on finding the vaccine for “their disease” because by then it was reported to have affected developed countries who have the resources and expertise.  What you did not know is that the “alien” disease you heard about on TV would invade your country Uganda in March 2020. You also did not realize that its invasion would cause a serious crisis that would change the entire trajectory of your thinking and your plans.

The crisis came along with something many of your friends, relatives, children or maybe yourself had never experienced in real life (something usually watched in movies like the “Outbreak” or heard about in fiction stories), that is the lock down which required the world including your whole country to freeze operations apart from the essential services. The President of Uganda and Minister of health not only emphasized that you carry on with the simple childhood hygiene habits of washing your hands, keeping a social distance but also a very important guideline to protect you from getting infected i.e the “STAY AT HOME RULE”. This was announced on the 26th March 2020 and it was to run for 14days after which it was extended further for another 21 days.

Did you realize that the rule is a simply rule gave you what you had wanted earlier? The annual leave or time off work. The rule requires you to stay and work from home if you can. Many of your friends have been complaining about being locked down, complaining that their businesses are being affected; that it has the halted the progress they were making in their studies; that they are being cut off work and some their salaries are being suspended; that they are being suffocated by their spouses and children; that they are hungry and angry with the government. All their discomfort and complaints are all true and very unfortunate. However have they considered that at least they have life that is enabling them to complain? That they are still healthy and not yet affected by COVID 19? In any case will complaining send healing to those infected with COVID 19?;  Will it give hope to those people at the frontline of the fighting the disease? How much appreciation are they showing to the all the persons sacrificing their lives and time as they clean the hospitals, drive the ambulances, collecting stories and making reports for you to read in the news and televisions?; Do they have better and more practical ways on how to keep your loved ones safe in the midst of this pandemic away from the lock down?; or Will complaining change the status quo?

  1. Clearly since complaining won’t change the status quo, make the deliberate choice to accept what you cannot change and BE DIFFERENT, let this be your rebirth like the eagle.  Thank God for this time off work and use it to think about that thing that has been lingering on your mind. Re-strategize for your business, go through you books of accounts, reevaluate your commitment to your employer, access your role as the head of the family, evaluate what the value your long list of friends adds to your progress, study your children ’s behavior, likes & dislikes  and how they relate with each other and with you, revisit your family budget and plans, write your will, shake off that excess fatigue that has piled on due to years of working without proper rest through resting, write a journal, clean up your house, dust the ventilators, sort out the clothes you may need to give to charity, read your books and prepare to excel beyond limit, call up your loved ones and check, read your Bible, Quran, have WhatsApp fellowships and discuss messages of faith, strength and motivation

Most of all have that quiet time with yourself, the one you always wanted to enable you think on how to achieve that goal you always wanted to achieve. Cleanse your mind to ensure that as the lockdown is lifted you emerge with a CRYSTALMIND.


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