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At induction & awards ceremony of AWLO…Salone envoy calls for more opportunities for women

By Princetta Williams, Information Attaché, SLHC Accra, Ghana

The Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to Ghana, Francess Virginia Anderson has called for more opportunity and space to be created for women through unity and togetherness.

“Many have been so blessed to achieve what others may have achieved both materially and socially. It is important people who find themselves in leadership positions to create the meaningful space and opportunities for others that are not fortunate,” High Commissioner Anderson said.

She was speaking at the induction and awards ceremony of the African Women Leadership Organization (AWLO) hosted at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Nigeria.

She thanked the authorities of AWLO for bestowing on her such a great honour of being the ceremony’s keynote speaker and commended women that have contributed so much to society.

According to her, contributions of women are sometimes overlooked, diminished, or undervalued because of their gender but noted the recent past has seen the so-called glass ceilings broken across the globe with a growing number of women now Heads of State and Government in Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Africa.

“What is so striking is that most of these women are young, energetic, and committed to the cause of women’s liberation, empowerment and inclusion and endures to lead with remarkable successes. The Board rooms are now experiencing what I would describe as ‘women’s invasion’,” the High Commissioner noted.

High Commissioner opined that top-quality representations of women cross the world and in different spheres have outperformed their male counterparts in many areas, as well as exceeding the expectations of many.

She stressed the need for women to continuously reinvent themselves to meet new and emerging challenges at the local, regional and global levels.

The reinvention strategy, according the Sierra Leone High Commissioner, will be critical to the Africa continent’s ongoing success and women empowerment and inclusion, and urged all and sundry to recognize and appreciate the fact that opportunity can only be good and sustainable if it is for all, irrespective of gender, belief, political orientation, race, education and social class.

“Governments in Africa must endeavor to raise living standards through accelerated and inclusive growth and the contribution of women themselves would ensure multiple wins that will build resilience and lock in women’s advancement and development gains,” she added.

High Commissioner Anderson was recognized by African Women Leadership Organisation (AWLO) as the 2020 Phenomenal Woman of the Month for her achievements as an African woman, particularly in the Diplomatic arena.

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