Call for Support to maintain zero COVID-19 case Karene District

Craving 4 Development has called on obligated groups, organizations and the government of Sierra Leone to scale up the support to Karene district in the fight against Covid-19.

The organization said it is critical to cater for the needs of the people if the district is to sustain its resilience and continue to record zero COVID-19 cases.

Craving 4 Development focuses its “COVID-19-19 Stops With Me” campaign in Bonthe, Kailahun, Moyamba and Tonkolili but their attention was been drawn to the fact that Karene District has 114 unofficial borders with Guinea. The district struggled on a daily basis to control the incoming traffic from that end, as well as mobilizing, sensitizing and supporting their inhabitants.

ECOWAS Youth Council is doing a great job in raising awareness along with other government bodies and INGOs, among others.

However, the need for Karene District to be reinforced with experts in the field of emergency and risk communication, safety and prevention around Covid-19 is very real and urgent.

Teenage pregnancy, Gender Based Violence, mental health, malaria, hepatitis and food security, among others are issues that must not be neglected during the COVID-19 crisis, especially when they add to the existing burdens of the country’s health systems, vulnerable populations and low-income communities.

An assessment conducted by the District’s Social Mobilization Coordinator (DSMC) BaiSesay has identified the immediate needs of the district, which is why the organization is calling for the responsiveness of the various stakeholders engaged in the fight against Covid-19.

Without the requisite support, the actors on site are likely to be discouraged in their relentless efforts to bar the road to this pandemic. This battle cannot be won without the concerted efforts and support from organizations as well as governmental bodies, district stakeholders and actors in the field of development

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