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CGTN engages Ambassador Ndomahina on Rebranding Policy

Chinese Global Television Network (CGTN) on Saturday November 7, 2020 engaged Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Ernest M. Ndomahina on the transformation of the Sierra Leone Embassy in China.

During an exclusive interview, Ambassador Ndomahina, stated that the transformation of the Embassy was an extension of President Bio’s vision of rebranding Sierra Leone to making it attain its long-lost glory globally.

The Sierra Leone Embassy has been a stand-out among foreign embassies in China, and this is accredited to the rebranding policies that have been instituted by HE Ndomahina. Staff and visitors have expressed delight in what they consider a new look of Sierra Leone Embassy.

Explaining the reason for the Embassy’s current transformation, Ambassador Ndomahina said his policies, which have transformed the Embassy into the envy of many foreign Embassies in China, were derived from President Bio’s vision to rebrand Sierra Leone and make life better for Sierra Leoneans abroad.

He said: “These are not policies that are mine but of His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio’s vision that I am propagating here in China to fly the flag high of my country, and to ensure I work to achieve the target set by my President.”

Ambassador Ndomahina further mentioned that since his arrival as Sierra Leone’s Ambassador, he has been working closely with all staff of the Embassy, not only to rebrand the physical structure of the Embassy but also to transform their mindset psychologically.

“I am here to work for the New Direction agenda so whatever is in the agenda will be captured in what I am working with and also try to learn how the Chinese Government has been able to get over 800 million people out of poverty and advise my Government to replicate it,” he reiterated.

He confirmed that it was because of the startling success China had recorded in combating poverty that the Government of Sierra Leone selected China as a role model and strategic partner in its resolve to eliminate poverty in the country.

"As Sierra Leone’s resident Ambassador to China, I have had the privilege of experiencing some chapters of China's war against poverty, and I can testify that its achievements are highly impressive," HE Ndomahina added.

Ambassador Ndomahina spoke about how China has honoured the series of cooperation agreements President Bio signed in August 2018 between the two countries, pointing out that the agreement was centered on the dispatch of an expert team to conduct a feasibility study on the construction of a fishery harbour at 50 million RMB Yuan, the signing of a memorandum of understanding on cooperation within the framework of the belt and road initiative, and an agreement on the economic and technical cooperation with gratuitous assistance from the Government of 250 million RMB Yuan.

He disclosed that China made huge humanitarian donations of COVID-19 materials to African countries during the early stages of the pandemic of which Sierra Leone benefited immensely. He added: "Several stakeholders equally donated generously to Sierra Leone. Despite the pandemic, I travelled extensively within China to receive and supervise the dispatch of those donations to Sierra Leone."

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