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Chief Justice inspects provincial courts

Sierra Leone’s Chief Justice, Desmond Babatunde Edwards has embarked on inspection tour in the provinces to assess courts in Kailahun, Bo, Kambia, Port Loko, Kabala and Masiaka.

The move is part of the Chief Justice desire to modernize the court buildings to match up with other countries in the sub-region.

The team comprises the Court Operations Manager-Mrs. Olayinka Laggah; the Principal Accountant-Mr. Alpha Charles; Head of Communications-Mr.Elkass Sannoh; the Court Falicities and Assets Officer-Mr. James Sesay and the Engineers.

According to the Court’s Operations Manager, Mrs, Laggah, the reason for the tour is to inspect facilities of the Judiciary insofar as court governance is concerned and to improve on the dilapidated buildings to properly host Resident Judges that have been posted in those places.

In his address, Justice Edwards said the dispensation of justice is not only restricted to expeditious trials but also includes effective and efficient administration in a serene and decent environment for not only Magistrates, Judges, Clerks but even for lawyers and their clients.

He thanked President Bio's led-administration for making the funds available for the Judiciary to be able to carry out its day to day activities as provided for by Law.

“In as much as I have assigned Resident Judges in places where there were no sitting Judges, I also want to ensure the Courts are in good condition. The Courts' precinct should be fenced and Registry, Judges and Magistrates' chambers well furnished,” he said.

The team was received in Bo Town by Justice Alfred Ganda after leaving Kailahun. Also in Port Loko Town, the Chief Justice and team were received by Justice Abdul Sheriff and Magistrate Augustine Samura.

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