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COI implementation:Properties of Persons of Interest to be confiscated

By Mohamed Bangura (Intern)

Principal Legal Consultant in the Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice has disclosed the commencement of legal action to confiscate properties belonging to Persons of Interest with ruling already delivered in 15 of the first 20 cases involving houses and lands.

According to Lahai Momoh Farma, the move is part of the recovery process in the implementation of the recommendations contained in the Commissions of Inquiry reports.

He was speaking in the conference room of the Ministry of Information and Communications while updating journalists on the status of the implementation of government White Paper of the COI.

He explained that the grace period for all those that were indicted in the COI reports expired on December 24, 2020.

Lawyer Farma stated the documents in respect of the 20 orders they took to court are presently with the Master and Registrar for approval and onward submission to the Government Printer for gazetting.

“Once gazette, we will announce the names and locations of the confiscated properties for the public to know. The President had been magnanimous enough to give all the indictees 90 days to repay all that they had allegedly embezzled but up to this moment, some are hiding behind appeal,” he said.

He noted that an appeal is not a stay of execution of judgment, which will be implemented anyway and assured that if the appellants win their appeal, whatever might have been taken from them, will be returned.

“But if on the other hand they lose the appeal, they will forfeit everything and even asked to pay interest on the principal they are supposed to pay plus cost,” the Principal Legal Consultant warned.

He used the opportunity to urge the 136 persons found wanting by the COI to adhere to the recommendations and assured that government will use all peaceful or aggressive means if necessary to ensure that all the monies in the reports are recovered.

He disclosed that 85 of the persons of interest have appealed but that will not stop them from recovering what is due the state.

He informed the media that the accounts of all persons of interest had been frozen, except for few who have been given clearance to access their monies. “If it causes us to take the monies in their accounts to repay their loot we will do it; and if those monies are not enough, we will confiscate their properties and sell them until they fully repay,” he warned.

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