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Combating the Vices of Lawlessness and Indiscipline

By Sheku Putka Kamara


It is my unreserved supposition that there are a whole lot of virtuous stuffs that we should be concentrating on as a nation and as a people and surely, lawlessness and indiscipline are not and should not be a part of the bargain. This article is not unconnected to what has been viewed, seen and believed to be the recent unrests that have been occurring in some parts of Sierra Leone.

If not for anything, we all have to be mindful that political unrests could only lead us to retain backward philosophies and mentalities and such is surely not needed for the growth and development of any society and Sierra Leone is not an exception. A negative mindset has the propensity to wreck havoc and it could even go unnoticed. Such practices need to be discouraged if our country is to attain its expected height and status in the global development trajectory.

The recent incidents that have been happening across Sierra Leone do not seem to be sending positive messages of peace and hope to our fellow countrymen and the International Community in general. No matter what, we have to realize that violence is not the way out. There are authorities that govern the state, and that is why we have to respect the mantle of leadership. I need not restate that we do not have it all as a nation and as a people. We also need not overstate that Sierra Leone still has a lot of catching up to do as far as global development trends are concerned, but that should not warrant unwarranted and uninformed decisions and protests.

Looking back at the incidents that occurred in Lunsarr, Tombo Village and at the Maximum Male Correctional Centre at Pa Demba Road in Freetown, one would be left to wonder what may have informed such conducts when there are appropriate authorities to channel such grievances to. Nobody or maybe no sensible person needs to be reminded and or informed about what COVID-19 has done the world over. Economies have been shattered and almost everything is on standstill. With the slow trends of development in this part of the world, it is clearer that the challenges would keep increasing and not retrogressing.

In all of this, government must be mindful that the wars against lawlessness and indiscipline should not be one-sided. All defaulters are expected to face the full force of the law and no stone should be left untouched and unturned. Sierra Leone has gone through a whole lot and this is not time to remind ourselves about such negatives. Instead, we must make do with what we already have and generate more virtuous energies so as to achieve growth.

Like we all should know, progress and development take time and that is why care has to be taken in addressing issues that are of national importance.

Law and order are necessities in any society. We should not allow our political attachments to lead us to resentments. It is the duty of all and sundry to hold governments accountable, because we have passed those stages of babysitting.

However, this should not be done out of malice or because one does not belong to party A or party B. I have always argued and will continue to make a case that when development happens, all are expected to benefit. In like manner, when negatives stuck, it is the society and its people that suffer and not members of designated political parties.

Leadership is a tough deal and it takes the Grace of God Almighty to get things right, but strives and attempts have to be made so that results could be achieved.

Let me end on this note. Coordination is an essential construct that is needed in any establishment. Government should up its game and bring onboard members that are believed to be part of the opposition. Opposition members must also realize that governance requires collaboration. Sierra Leone has always had its share of the activities and governance systems of the ‘two main’ political parties and that is why we must be mindful of the things that we do. A loosed society is one that could be ungovernable. A society where oppression and suppression become the order of the day may also lead to insecurities and protests. So, we all owe it to ourselves to negate the vices of violence, lawlessness and indiscipline whiles hoping for the best and praying that vital state matters would be addressed for the benefit of everyone.

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