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Corrupt Judiciary officials warned

Sierra Leone’s Chief Justice, Desmond Babatunde Edwards has strongly warned staff members of the Judiciary against corruption and its related offences.

According to the chief justice, such act has the potential of undermining the sustainable reforms and growth of the Judiciary.

Hon. Justice Edwards was speaking at Court No. 1 of the main Law Courts building during the official commencement of training for Court Registrars, Baliffs, Administrative and other Support staff of the Judiciary.

“Some staff members are either just too wicked or not good at their work which is why they mostly renege on their sacred duties to allow files to be missing, allow accused persons to jump bail or sometimes stalled some cases from coming up for hearing,” he said.

Justice Edwards vowed to have a new Judiciary that is transparent and accountable to the people, and inspired the trainees to invest their best as the training will also empower those who are weak by capacitating them to be resourceful and productive.

The training, which caters for one hundred and twenty-eight (128) staff members, is fully funded by the Judiciary with funds from the Government of Sierra Leone.

The Chief Justice noted that the training is the first to have been organised in the annals of the Judiciary and disclosed that the Judiciary and Legal Training Institute has identified seasoned facilitators with huge span of knowledge on all the courses ranging from the Roles of Registrars in Civil and Criminal Courts; Roles of the Bailiffs, Court Secretaries in both Civil and Criminal proceedings and treatment of vulnerable and special witnesses, among others.

He added that after the training staff members who engage in corrupt activities under the guise of inexperience or lack of training will have no place to hide.

“You either do what is expected of you or face disciplinary action,” he warned.

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