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DOHAS Hotel chief calls for gov’t support

Chief Executive Officer and and Proprietor of Dohas Hotel in Bo, Saleh M. Yahya has called on government to grant him a freehold of land for Dohas face two completion.

During an interview with this medium, Mr. Yahya explained that his hotel started with twenty eight (28) bed rooms capacity but expand it to 50 rooms because of the increasing demand in the hospitality industry.

“I secured a three billion Leones loan from Rokel Commercial Bank which I used to build the fence and additional fourteen rooms,” he said.

According to him, even though he had received the green light from the Sierra Leone Road Authority (SLRA) to use some feet of the Right of way to put a structure in front of the hotel, he was later ordered to stop.

“I deserve better after taking loans and paid with so much interest and doing all this investment in Bo. I am a Sierra Leonean born and raised in Bo city,” Mr. Yahya noted.

He spoke about the recent establishment of a fish-pond behind his hotel, and urged partners to help him develop the fish-pond because it was created specifically for community service in a bid to reduce the burden of acquiring fish less expensive in the district.

Dohas Hotel has been in existence for more than eight years.

The CEO stated that with the unstable electricity supply in Bo city, he decided to purchase a mini grid solar system to power the hotel for at least 18 hours.

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