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Fight against drug abuse…NDLEA engages drivers & riders unions

Officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) have engaged executive members of the Motor Drivers, Sierra Leone Tricycle and Motor Bike Riders’ unions to find ways of prevent drug abuse and misuse among their members.

The engagement was done at NDLEA’s office on Walpole Street in Freetown.

Chairman, NDLEA’s Advisory Council, Morie Lengor, said the engagement was to deepen agency’s sensitization and advocacy through partnership with the unionists.

“We want you to talk to your members to abstain from misusing drugs, which subsequently has effects such as mental health, anti-social behaviors on them. We have called you here to help us identify some of your members that we could train as volunteers who would in turn help to educate their peers to desist from drug abuse and misuse,” he said.

Mr. Lengor noted that if the unionists cooperate with the agency, they will succeed in ending the misuse and abuse of drugs in Sierra Leone.

According to him, the misuse and abuse of drugs have a tendency to undermine President Bio’s human capital development, which focuses on building the capacity of all Sierra Leoneans through quality education and skills training and acquisition.

NDLEA’s Executive Director, Abdul Sheku Kargbo, called on the unions to support his agency in the fight against drug abuse and misuse, stating that drugs are in the various communities with young people mostly involved in its use.

President of the Motor Drivers’ Union, Alpha A. Bah said their involvement in the fight against the misuse and abuse of drugs was very good initiative by NDLEA.

“We will help you to get rid of those that import it and cut-off the chain of smuggling. Once that is done, our communities would be free from this menace,” he assured.

Public Relations Officer, Tricycle Riders’ Association, Mohamed Kaindaneh-Conteh, stated that drug misuse is a serious threat to Sierra Leone’s human resource, and their membership is not an exception.

“Our membership is involved in income generating activities and they always get money to buy drugs. But we will talk to them in order to see the need to desist from such act,” he said.

Chairlady, Motor Bike Riders’ Union, Nellie Conteh, said some of their members, especially those that ride during the night, are in the habit of misusing and abusing drugs so as to prevent themselves from cold.

She urged NDLEA’s officials to concentrate on border areas, fishing communities and wharfs, if they want to succeed in the fight against drug abuse and misuse.

“For information dissemination, our riders would be very key as the would-be able to sensitize the pillions on drug abuse while conveying them to their various destinations,” she noted.

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