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Gov’t commits over Le300bn to roads rehabilitation

The government through the Ministry of Finance has signed a Le 349.4 Billion (Three hundred and forty nine billion four hundred million Leones) contract with road contractors for the construction and rehabilitation of 41 major roads within and outside Freetown.

The roads to be constructed or rehabilitated include; Maboreh Junction-Furniture Junction, Funkya Road, Mayenkineh Road, Furniture Junction-Grafton, Leicester Road, Lucas Street, and Internal FBC Road Network.

Addressing the contractors and SLRA officials, Finance Minister, Jacob Jusu Saffa, described the signing ceremony as significant and a milestone in the transformative drive President Bio has undertaken in the country.

He added that the signing of the contracts is a demonstration of government's commitment towards infrastructural development and also a manifesto fulfillment of the president during his campaign.

He disclosed that a disbursement of 25% will be made to contractors with the remaining balance paid upon satisfactory performance.

He disclosed that a total of 41 roads across the country will be rehabilitated, assuring that more will be rehabilitated upon completion of the current ones.

He called on the contractors to bring out their best as government will be monitoring all the work and noted that further payment can only be done when the work is deemed to be of high quality.

The Finance Minister urged the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) to be robust in its monitoring and ensure that the contractors don't use the monies given to them to offset their loans in banks.

“We want to see good work at all levels and we want the work to be completed within the stipulated timeframe," he urged.

Director General of SLRA, Engineer Amara Kanneh, commended the government for taking such a bold step amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

He assured that the authority has done due diligence on all the companies and are confident that they will pull through on time.

He urged all the contractors to take the contracts seriously, saying, “This government respects value for money.

Minister of Works, Housing and Infrastructure, Peter Bayuku Conteh, pledged to effectively monitor the works to ensure that all the roads are done in accordance with the stipulated specifications.

The CEO of Gento Group of Companies, Ahmed Gento Kamara, commended the government for signing the MoU with them and assured that they will do their best to do the roads properly.

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