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GUMA to increase pipe-bone water supply

By Amara Kargbo

Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC) has been accelerating its working capacity to increase pipe bone water supply across the Freetown municipality.

The company’s Communication manager, Alie Kabba told this medium that water facilities had been provided to areas that always encounter constrains during the dry-season by installing tanks, a process which commenced since 2014.

He disclosed that a total of five hundred and seventy four (574) water tanks have been fixed-up across the city.

He stated that efforts have also been made in constructing solar power boreholes which were in operation to communities with water crunch, especially in the Eastern part of the country.

With support from UNICEF, World Bank, Kabba revealed that twenty four (24) feckless water tanks had been repaired, and that through the support from government, they intend boosting water supply with the aid of ten (10) water tanks vehicles.

“Land encroachment has been a phenomenon which sometime causes mayhem in several communities and among government. We have decided to secure all our water facilities by constructing fences in all water tanks in the municipality.

As the country population growth keeps increasing, Mr. Kabba noted even though the Mile 13 Water Dam has been one of the main hubs for water supply, GUMA has been undertaking other water supply schemes around the city to complement the main hub.

Over the years, water supply has been a challenge because of the high demand of water in the municipality per day, which Guma could not fulfill to such, instead, what Guma has been doing was to ration the water on a daily bases in some areas within the municipality of Freetown.

“We have been losing 30% to 40% of our water on a daily basis because of the numerous leakages within pipes across communities. Fortunately, we are now replacing these small pipes with modernize pipes in all environs and allowing people to connect pipes in a very shorter distance,” he said.

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