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Kailahun District Council on food sufficiency

In a bid to complement the President's agenda on Agriculture, Kailahun District Council has established a district rice farm to increase rice seedlings and strengthen the seed bank system for farmers in the district. The rice farm land covers over thirteen acres of swamp land for a pilot phase. The council has also procured a Rice Thresher to reduce the burden on rice threshing.

During the symbolic harvesting and threshing of the rice, Chairman of the Kailahun District Council, Sahr A. K. Lamin said the objective behind the farm was for the provision of seedlings for farmers and to also support the seed banking system in Kailahun.

He noted that government had been supporting seedlings to Agriculture Sector, adding that the support would be limited. He furthered that Council had thought it necessary to complement the government in that direction. He continued that rice self-sufficiency was very cardinal in the government's agendas, noting that Kailahun District Council had started it own role in making sure the people of Kailahun had access to seed rice for farming. He continued that it was a pilot phase, adding that by next year the acreages would be expanded.

The revered Chairman said it was good to see people eat their own food that contain good nutrient than that of imported. He further said council would be also looking to give support on cash crops.

He said: “This is to showcase what the Council is capable of doing as the popular adage in Kailahun goes, 'The soil is our bank' ", he added.

Chief Administrator of Kailahun District Council, Bintu Adama Vangahun predicted that the rice farm was fully funded by Council, adding that it came as a request made by Agriculture devolved. She said the rice farm was a trial, which she continued that government had opt the agricultural sector of its limited seedlings.

She went on to state that with such intervention by the Council, food sufficiency would be increased in the district and there would be a defined seed banking system that would give seed access to farmers in the district.

The District Crops Officer, Agriculture devolved, Daniel G. Kamara said the farm came as result of government limitation on seed rice to Agriculture. He continued that with full support from the Kailahun District Council the sector could boast of a seed bank that would be made available to farmers in the district. He added that it was really necessary to establish a district farm that would boost seedlings for farmers, especially in rice.

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