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KDU North-east supports the Aged

The Krio Descendants Union (KDU) Northeast of the United States of America is an active and integral part of KDU Global. Its common thread is the preservation of the rich and diverse culture and heritage of the Krios of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The Union continues to demonstrate its love and compassionate spirit towards the aged at the King George the IV Home at Grafton on Friday January 8, 2021. It is now a tradition for the KDU-Northeast to be providing supports to the aged during the festive season. Despite the COVID-19 affecting lives across the globe, members of the Union have put together their little resources to make life a bit comfortable for the aged.

Food and non-food items donated include crutches, pain killers and other assorted medicines, toiletries, tubes of toothpaste and brushes, body powder, bathing soap, ice rub, hand sanitizers, etc. Sumptuous meals were also prepared and served as part of the donation.

In his opening remarks, KDU-Northeast’s Christo Davies pointed out that 2020 was a challenging year for them in the United States but that did not stop them from putting together their resources to support the aged. “Most of us were raised by our grandparents and so therefore after we had grown up and God has blessed us we thought it wise to give back to those in need,” he said and added that one of their flagship projects is support to the Children’s Library at the Sierra Leone Library Board where they have been providing learning materials like books, toys, etc. Davies called on other organizations and individuals to support the Aged and other vulnerable groups in society. He assured that his Union will continue to support the Aged.

Before making the presentation of items, KDU’s Willie Shaw said they are extremely happy to come back home to support the Aged. “Please continue to pray for us living in the United States of America and Sierra Leone. We will always remember you,” he assured. Mr. Shaw called on Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad to love their country. “We need to love each other and promote the good image of our country,” he said.

KDU Members have agreed in principle to amend the leaking roofs at the Home for the Aged and also promised that in the future they will be sending some items that will be sold locally to raise funds for the Aged.

Speaker after speaker for the Aged thanked KDU-Northeast for the donated items and prayed that the Lord Almighty blessed their pockets to continue providing further supports.

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