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Koidu Mining relocates affected families

Koidu Limited Mining Company has successfully relocated families living within the company’s blasting zone area to a modern concrete building.

The relocation took place during a three day intensive tour across major development interventions in communities on July 2, 2020.

The move is to improve the living conditions of the people, especially those in the company’s areas of operations. The company has been providing support to key affected communities as part of their corporate social responsibility and community cohesion in Koidu city and it immediate environs.

During the relocation exercise, Community Administrator, Madam Bisata Y. Sombie noted that the resettlement drive was meant to comply with the rules and regulations prescribe by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

According to her, Koidu Limited and other companies operating in the country are required to carry out Environmental Impact Assessment.

She stated that after the conclusion of the EIA assessment, a document called RAP was given to them, adding that the RAP required them to relocate people living with the mining area.

She explained that in the process of relocation, the company has right to take whatever belongs to the families, including crops, economical trees like object like houses.

“As a responsible company, we are complying fully with our corporate social duties and other documents,” she assured.

Members of the Families welcomed the new environment and thanked the company for providing such a modern structure as according to the, before now, they were living in mud houses.

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