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Lands Minister calls for national reconciliation ...prioritizes housing and country planning

The newly appointed Minister of Lands, Housing and Country Planning has called for national reconciliation in the country's land sector.

“It is never too late to start healing the wounds and doing the right things in a sector that has been marred with challenges over the past several years," Dr. Turad Senesie stated, while outlining his vision and direction for the sector.

The Lands Minister was speaking on Thursday while addressing senior management staff at a maiden staff meeting in the ministry.

Minister Senesie announced that the new direction in the ministry will prioritize housing and country planning as part of the mission to restore sanity in a controversy infested sector.

According to him, the mad rush for land acquisition, especially in the western area, was primarily due to housing and planning sector neglect over the years.

“Henceforth, affordable housing projects for low and middle income classes and development of a national land bank will take primacy over land allocation and sale,” the minister emphasized.

He urged the staff that the time to restore public trust in land sector administration is now, while emphasizing the need for immediate de-escalation of tensions between and among ministry staff and members of the general public.

“There is too much internal and external fights in the lands sector," he disclosed and stressed the need for everyone to prioritize national interest over selfish aggrandizement.

Dr. Senesie advised the staff to follow his leadership drive of transparent and accountable leadership, adding that team work is very essential to the success of the President's vision.

“We must follow processes and procedures at all times. The review and development of policies and digitization of the sector is at the heart of the new direction's development agenda and would be implemented to the fullest,” the Lands minister assured.

He called for collaboration with various sectors while explaining the battery of partnership meetings he has recorded with ministries, departments and agencies since his appointment.

He urged the staff not to allow internal or external tensions and job insecurities to affect their productivity as he assured them that he has assumed office with an open mind.

The minister assured the staff that he will allow them to do their field and professional work, while he focuses on policy and supervision to ensure compliance with the people's agenda at all times.

He said the challenges in the sector are enormous but not insurmountable, while challenging the staff to work together to achieve the common good.

The senior ministry staff led by the Permanent Secretary welcomed and briefed the minister on their various activities and assured him of their unflinching support.

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