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MOHS to kick-off Cost-Recovery Scheme at Connaught

The Ministry of Health and Sanitation has officially signed a Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement with Marish Trading Company to kick start Cost Recovery scheme at Connaught Hospital.

The signing ceremony in the ministry's conference room marks the beginning of the scheme as preparation will commence immediately in terms of rehabilitation.

Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation II, Dr. Amara Jambai stated that the government is poised to provide quality healthcare delivery system that is accessible and affordable to the people.

He noted that the introduction of the Cost Recovery scheme will help government in making sure that drugs cannot be bought for a cadre that can afford it.

According to him, if Marish Trading Company can get it right, it will represent a new paradigm shift in healthcare delivery, and admonished them to use all the professional attributes they have to make sure that it works.

Chief Medical Officer, Rev. Dr. Thomas Samba, noted that lot of efforts has gone into the process and commended colleagues for the hard work.

He said the project, when started will spread on its intended pathway so that it become a template within the Ministry that can be replicated to other hospitals and improve service delivery.

Programme Development Specialist, Public Private Partnership Unit in the Office of the Vice President, Ama Gborie- Foday described the ceremony as a milestone in the process of delivering quality healthcare, and look forward to Marish Trading Company in keeping their own side of the bargain.

Managing Director, National Medical Supplies Agency, Dr. Lawrence Sandi stated that the way the scheme is designed shows clearly that it is a pilot, taking the form of Public Private Partnership.

Cyrus Sheriff from IHPAU commended all for the good work and noted that the process has been credible and transparent as they went through all the procurement processes.

The Operations Manager, Marish Trading Company, David Ralph Koroma thanked the Ministry of Health for providing them the opportunity to partner, and assured that the quality they stand for will be replicated to the people.

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