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Musa Tarawally, 4 other Persons of Interest appear in court

Five Persons of Interest who filed in appeals against the findings of the just concluded Commissions of Inquiry on Wednesday January 20, 2021 appeared before three Court of Appeal Justices; Hon. Justice Ivan Sesay (JA), Hon. Justice Momo Jah- Stevens and Hon. Justice Adrian Fisher (J).

Dennis K. Vandi, Alhaji Musa Tarawally, Barba B. Fortune, Mani Koroma and Umaru A. Conteh were before the court on grounds that the evidence adduced is against the weight of the Commissions of Inquiry, and that the commissions lack the mandate to levy such sanctions.

Three of the persons of interest, Alhaji Musa Tarawally, Dennis K. Vandi and Barba B. Fortune were represented by lawyer M. P. Fofanah Esq. whilst Mani Koroma was represented by B & J Partners Law Firm. Umaru A. Conteh was not represented.

The Attorney General and Minister of Justice was represented by J.A.K Sesay, A. Sheku and P. Williams all from the Law Officer’s Department.

The Presiding Judge, Hon. Justice Ivan Sesay gave the following directions to both Appellant’s lawyers and the Respondent:

That the synopsis of the Appellant be filed and served on the Respondent within fourteen (14) days and after receiving the synopsis of the Appellant, the Respondent should also file and serve the Appellant within fourteen days.

The hearing to the matter stands adjourned to the 24th February, 2021.

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