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NaCOVERC engages show promoters on enhanced regulations

The National Coronavirus Emergency Response Center (NaCOVERC) has engaged show promoters on enhanced COVID-19 enhanced regulations. The engagement came after a huge crowd was spotted along Aberdeen Road down to Lumley beach doing massive publicity.

“The corona virus is still with us and there is every need for citizens to continue wearing their facemasks as part of regulations to defeat the virus, says Hassan Sei Coomber, Operation Pillar Lead at NaCOVERC.

He was speaking to leaders of show promoters who are now busy holding huge rallies within the municipality of Freetown as the festive season commenced today.

He called on Sierra Leoneans, especially show promoters to adhere to the enhanced regulations put forward by NaCOVERC, to which the use of facemasks is compulsory.

Colonel Coomber told the crowd of young people, who were out on street to advertise their show that the virus is still in Sierra Leone and across the world.

“The only way we could defeat this virus is by wearing facemask, maintain social distance and the washing of hands regularly. We cannot defeat the virus if we continue to flout the laws. That is the more reason why we continue to enforce these regulations,” he said.

The Group Captain reiterated that the regulations put in place by NaCOVERC are still in forced and that anybody found wanting will face the full force of the law.

“We've receive complaints from the business community and ordinary Sierra Leoneans about harassment from security forces. We have met with the business community to understand from them what the problem is and how we could all work together in fighting the disease, he added.

Colonel Coomber said even though they do not take pleasure in halting entertainment activities but warned that blatant flouting of the regulations will leave NACOVERC with no alternative but to put a stop to it.

"What we want is a peaceful adherence to the regulations so that all of us will work together in order for us to defeat the disease. Let us continue putting on our facemasks, wash our hands and do what the health experts are telling us. We all know this is a difficult period but we must bear with it. What we are doing is to safe guard our lives and the lives of every other citizen,” he said.

The Operations Pillar Lead encourages show promoters to also help in the fight by limited people during advertisement and shows.

“We will also be engaging the entertainment spots across the country to understand from us during this festive season. We have engaged market places before now about these regulations, and same for the Inter-Religious council on places of worship. If we all do what is right by adhering to rules and regulations governing the fight against the Coronavirus we will defeat this disease in no time, he said.”

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