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Okada riders cautioned against drug abuse

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has cautioned members of the Sierra Leone Motor Bike Riders’ Union to desist from taking drugs as well as trafficking illegal substances.

NDLEA officials held meetings with the Okada riders at their headquarters on Jenner-Wright Road and Lumley Lorry Park in the Western Urban and Jui and Ogoo Farm in the Western Area Rural District on Tuesday and Wednesday (10&11 November, 2020).

NDLEA Executive Director, Abdul Sheku Margai stated that the misuse and abuse of drugs has both economic and social effects on them, adding that one of the roles of the agency is to prevent drug misuse and abuse as well as drug trafficking.

“We know that these drugs don’t have feet to move from one place to another, they are being transported by people. If a rider is caught trafficking illegal drugs, his motor bike will be confiscated and he will be arrested imprisoned. That is why we are warning you to desist from such act,” he said.

Chairman of NDLEA National Advisory Council, Morie Lengor also cautioned the riders to desist from trafficking and abuse of drugs.

“We will have to train some of you to serve in the capacity of ‘Anti-drugs advocacy volunteers’, who will be tasked to pass on information to others about the dangers of drug misuse and abuse,” he said and noted that NDLEA’s wish is to see drug-free riders in Sierra Leone.

Nellie Conteh, Motor Bike Riders’ Union’s National Chairlady, urged her members to desist from such act as NDLEA intends to start taking action against those involved in the abuse and trafficking of drugs.

She said a loss of one rider would be a huge loss to the community and therefore cautioned Okada riders to abstain from taking alcohol while driving.

Most of the riders who were given the opportunity to talk, confessed to the agency that they take drugs to get extra strength to work, but pledged to adhere to warning.

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