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Salone envoy, DFWAC discuss domestic violence, human trafficking

By Mohamed Lamin Massaquoi, Information Attaché, UAE

Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Rashid Sesay has engaged members of the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) on tackling human trafficking and domestic violence.

Established in 2007, DFWAC offers immediate protection and support services for women and children in the UAE against domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking. It is the first licensed non-profit shelter in the UAE that runs specifically for the care of women and children.

Ambassador Sesay thanked the leadership of DFWAC for their relentless efforts in tackling human trafficking and domestic violence, noting that such initiative aligned with the vision of the Government of Sierra Leone as espoused in the Medium Term National Development Plan.

He stated that the Government of Sierra Leone had placed emphasis on the role of women and children in its development process and spoke about major strides already taken by the government in combatting rape, sexual violence and all forms of domestic violence.

He cited the declaration of a State of Emergency on Rape and Sexual Violence, amendment of the Sexual Offences Act, the establishment of a Special Court for Rape cases and the establishment of One-Stop Centres as some of the interventions by the government.

“Our Government takes issues of human trafficking very serious and over the years we have made significant gains in reducing its impact on our country. The DFWAC is doing so much to close the gap on human trafficking and we are committed to collaborate with you and to tap into your enormous experience. We also look forward to receiving support for our women who are being misled hence becoming victims of trafficking,” he said.

DFWAC Care and Social Services Director, Ghanima Hassan Al Bahri, said the UAE was a committed and responsible member of the international community and has been proactive in the global fight to combat human trafficking. She noted that their mission, among other things, was geared towards the provision of housing and rehabilitation services to women and children who are victims of violence and strengthening local and international partnerships.

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