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Schools, communities engaged on COVID-19 measures

The Ministry of Sport (MOS) has through the National Sport Authority and in partnership with the Freetown City Council (FCC) engaged schools and community stakeholders on coronavirus precautionary measures.

The session was held at the Presidential Lounge of the Siaka SStadium in Freetown and targeted pupils and teachers in both primary and secondary schools across the Municipality.

Giving an overview of the session, Devolved Sport Officer, Jibson Gaima said Sierra Leone has been pushing hard to eliminate the dreadful pandemic and MOS and FCC remain committed in complimenting the effort of government.

He recalled that similar engagements were held with community leaders, youth groups, school coaches and teachers, among others in a bid to improve grass root sports amidst the covid-19 pandemic.

Gaima underscored the importance of the session and called on the pupils to stick to all covid-19 measures, and by extension, teachers to ensure that pupils wash their hands with clean water and soap regularly.

“It behooves parents to ensure that they monitor their children on the prescribed covid-19 measures,” he urged.

He admitted that there are infrastructural challenges in most government schools across the country with inadequate classrooms, poor water supply and very poor toilet facilities, but he also admitted that problems of such nature have been around even before the outbreak of the coronavirus.

In that direction, he appealed to the Government of Sierra Leone to construct better school infrastructures not just for covid-19 but for other challenges that might hit the education sector.

Alphonso Manley, National Coordinator for the Civil Right Coalition explained that the session will provide information with the adherence to all the precautionary measures by schools, as well as identifying the related challenges that followed the reopening of schools.

He encouraged pupils to abide to the use of face masks, social distancing, and hand washing measures.

Mr. Manley advised pupils to wash their masks after use, and warned that the covid-19 pandemic is still very much alive, and therefore everyone has to abide to the measures for Sierra Leone to be declared a covid-19 free state.

Teachers and pupils commended MOS and FCC for the session and assured of continued adherence to covid-19 precautionary measures.

Some of the schools present at the session were the Annie Walsh Memorial Secondary School, Government Rokel Secondary School, Government Model Secondary School, Sierra Leone Grammar School, Saint Joseph Secondary School (Convent), Tower Hill Municipal Primary School, Saint Thomas Primary School, Police Primary School, E.B. Williams Primary School, etc.

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