SLAJ encourages use of face mask

The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) has launched a campaign to encourage every Sierra Leonean to wear a mask while in public places.

The “Wear A Mask” campaign is meant to support the Government of Sierra Leone in encouraging everybody in the country to wear a face mask when going out in public.

A release signed by the association’s National Secretary General, Mohamed Asmieu Bah, stated that wearing a mask helps protect people from contracting and spreading the Coronavirus disease.

“The use of mask is partly responsible for low infection rate in other countries, especially in Asia. Therefore, we call on every journalist and the general public to ensure you wear a face mask when you go out in public,” the release urged.

The release emphasized that the campaign does not replace other preventive measures such as washing of hands with soap and clean water regularly, staying at home if one doesn’t have anything important to do outside and maintaining social distancing instituted by health authorities.

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