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Six of the regulations laid before parliament by the Sierra Leone Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission (SLEWRC) have now become law after 21 days of maturity.

The six regulations include captive electricity generation permit rules, electricity supply consumer service regulations, electricity of quality supply regulations, electricity prepayment meter aggregators, certification of metering electricity service providers and certification of electrical contractors.

The regulations would aid the commission to enforce measures in ensuring that quality electricity and related services are provided for consumers.

Director General of the Sierra Leone Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission, Emmanuel Mannersaid the regulations were developed to help guide them in regulating the water and electricity sector.

“If you want to use electricity in your house without using EDSA lights, you have to pay permit for buying the generator or the use of the generator. Electricity supply consumer service regulations examine the consumer component in dealing with EDSA and how consumer concerns are captured. The electricity of quality supply regulations deals with the quality of supply,” he stated.

He explained that because standards have been set, if one goes below certain threshold, the quality of the product will be jeopardized.

“We have the electricity prepayment meter aggregators, and there has been hue and cry around meter availability. Through the ministry of energy, we’ve been able to have three key aggregators that now provide electricity meters and are installed in record time of ten days. These are importers and retailers, he said,” he noted.

Mr Manner said given the fact that electricity is a delicate commodity, they are planning to set standard with regards the quality of meter and even the pricing.

With regards the certification of electrical contractors, the Director General stated that it deals with the manufacturers and importers of electrical materials and other equipment in order to ensure that some ISO standards are maintained.

According to him, there are lots of substandard products in the market for the past couple of years which normally results to fire accidents and fluctuation of prices because of substandard quality.

Head of Administration and Finance at SLEWRC, Salieu Barrie noted that the commission designed and put forward 16 regulations which were subjected to broad and wide public consultation before they were taken to the law officers department.

He explained that out of the 16 regulations that were sent to the law officers department, 13 were reviewed and prepared to be sent to Parliament.

However the regulations were passed in bits as a result of administrative changes at the water ministry. These regulations have now become law giving the commission and all entities they supervised the power to execute them.

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