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SLRSA boss poised to digitalize operations

Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA is working hard with the Board, Staff and management to digitalize the operations and services of the authority.

“I have pondered over the President Speech on moving Sierra Leone forward to align with the emerging global technology in service delivery, with management and my staff at the Authority, we are not far from actualizing the dream of President Bio” the SLRSA Executive Director, Ibrahim Sannoh stated.

He was speaking during the official launch of the Electronics Registration (e-Fitness) and automated life card system on Monday August 10, 2020.

He said the launch of the Electronics-Fitness will help determine whether a vehicle is Road worthy or not and also help address the beleaguered process of the paper base fitness check-lists for both the Vehicle Examiners and esteemed customers.

According to him, the electronics automated life card technology will help in keeping the customers life card durable as long as the vehicle is road worthy.

“The new Vehicle Cards are pre-printed with securitize QR Code and other features that are not visible with the eye,” he stated.

On his part, Transport Manager, Daniel C. Kaitibie, said the Electronics-Fitness test for vehicles materialized at a time when the SLRSA had re-categorized vehicles.

He noted that the justification of the re-categorization of vehicles is that licenses are a form of road tax and that vehicles are taxed on their ability to cause wear and tear on the road.

“The heavier the vehicle, the greater chances it causes wear and tear on the road. All Vehicle examiners have been provided with IPads and the system is programmed in such a way that every vehicle that passes fitness will be traced to the vehicle examiner as this will help the authority to curb out vehicles that are not road worthy,” he said.

Exhibiting the new tech, the Management Information System Analyst, Glen Cole explained that, digitalizing the operations of the SLRSA is his utmost priority and that the new E-Fitness is efficient and accurate, and that it is only accessible within the SLRSA network, making it more secure and safe.

“With supports from the management of the SLRSA, the MIS team is poised to transforming the SLRSA from a paper based agency to a digitalized authority, whose services can efficiently be accessible from online and everywhere in the country,” Glen Cole stated.

It could be recalled that, the President in his State Opening address to the nation call for the use of ICT as a tool to develop the Human Capital index of the Nation.

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