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Transport Ministry engages service providers …As transformation of Freetown set to kick-off

The Ministry of Transport and Aviation has on Tuesday January 19, 2021 held a consultative meeting with the Ministry of Information and Communications, National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM), representatives of telecommunications and utility companies in Freetown.

The purpose of the meeting was to inform service providers about the Integrated Resilient Urban Mobility Project (IRUMP); how it will impact their work and their role in the implementation of the project.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Mamadi Gobeh Kamara, emphasized government’s commitment to improving the lives of citizens, stressing that development of any sort should excite all.

“All of us are first Sierra Leoneans before any capacity we find ourselves in,” she said, adding that in the past, developmental projects were undertaken without such consultations and as a result, such projects did not stand the test of time which is why this government has decided to change that narrative.

She encouraged all to give their maximum contribution and support to the project team so as to achieve the desired objective.

The team from the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, in a Power Point presentation, stated that the project is focused on modernizing transportation in the city under the three major reforms of routes, infrastructure and vehicle.

They explained that the project will cover roads from Jui to the Bus Station and a second bus station with market and transit transport terminal at Lumley, which according to them will help reduce traffic in these areas.

They furthered that the meeting with the Ministry of Information and telecommunication companies was to identify the locations of various poles and cables in order to avoid damage to them and for the companies to come up with budget for relocation of equipment from the project sites.

A telecommunication company representative noted that the move will have significant impact on them as most of their cables are on the routes in question and any damage to them will leave many people, if not the whole country, disconnected especially if international gateways are tampered with. They therefore suggested that they be given the opportunity for site seeing in order to do proper identification of cable sites so as to avoid damages.

Acting Deputy Director of Communications in the Ministry of Information and Communications, Muminie Jalloh, asked that they all approach the concerns holistically as a team rather than as individuals if they should avoid any damage from occurring.

IRUMP is a World Bank sponsored project that aims at transforming Freetown from a congested vehicle-oriented city to a resilient people-oriented city that will improve the quality of life for all.

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